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Sunday, September 06th, 2009 | Author: Angelika

As we were yesterday literally flooded by spam we sadly had to change our settings regarding the posting of comments. As of now everybody has to fill out name and e-mail and as this is today no way of spam protection one of us has to approve of the first comment of an author, afterwards you are free to comment as much as you choose ;-)

We would have liked to remain with our very liberal comment settings, where spam was an issue but we could stil deal with deleting it manually but sadly that’s not possible anymore :(

Please let us know if you have any problems with the new comment settings – don’t forget, we have a contact form ;)

And we changed the HG link in our link section, it now points to the HG mainsite as Amber, the admin of HG, announced that the forum is most likely gone for good and if it returns it will probably start from scratch. *sigh* So many good stories lost. I guess I haven’t read more than 10% of them *cries*

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Sunday, April 12th, 2009 | Author: Angelika

Normally I’m not on the extremely pessimistic side, but in this case you have to confront the truth, the Hyacinth Gardens forum is down for over four months now and that’s an eternity in internet terms. There is a backup board, however you cannot register there and as I’ve heard it’s not really active :( There is this All Love Austen Yahoo groop (of which I’m not a member), but updates about the last developments are scarce, apparently there isn’t much to report :( Apparently there are some severe server issues and their technie no longer has time to be part of the site… :( I have really, really hoped for so long to HG to come back but I’m losing hope each time I try to access HG und the site still is unavailabe. :(

I still remember when HG was some sort of the fanfiction site for me, back in those times when I was still underage and not allowed to register at HG (I do sound very old now :D ) the site was some kind of mystery. You had heard about it, of course, and about the masses of stories you could read there. Furthermore HG was one of the few site I knew back than that allowed stories with adult content.

Losing HG is very sad not only because of the uncompleted stories which were posted there until it’s breakdown (although some authors have started posting their stories on other boards, not everybody did), but also because of the archives, some stories are irrevocably lost, because they were only available at HG and the authors are no longer active in the JA fanfiction community.

I have lost almost all hope of HG ever coming back – if it indeed does, it will be a very nice surprise!

BTW: This will be the end of my Blognapping week, tomorrow I will put back on the normal theme and I’ll return home (I have been visiting my parents this week). Fiora will return the day after tomorrow and I will start working in a new department on Tuesday. I don’t know about what and when we will blog next…